Apart from designing and manufacturing custom made kitchens, we also do built in cupboards from any type of timber that you like.

Solid hardwood cupboards and durable and attractive and are great in bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms.

Hardwoods come in different looks from lighter woods to darker woods like Mahogany or Ebony, wooden cupboards or cabinets can be stained to change the look.

East Coast Woodworx & Kitchens install their built in cupboards themselves to ensure a professional fit they customise their cupboards to the requirements of customers putting in new cupboards can give your home a whole new look, especially taking in account the variety of finishes and fittings.

East Coast Woodworx & Kitchens can provide new kitchens, bars, vanities and built in cupboards that will be functional and enhance your rooms looks at the same time.

East Coast Woodworx & Kitchens designs and manufactures their products from a variety of different timbers. And if you are a handyman and want to do your own installations.

Our built in cupboards are installed by the team at East Coast Woodworx, our built in cupboards are made up of a Melamine carcase and clients can choose the fronts and sides in solid wood or veneers of choice.